Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring

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Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring written by Ron Pridmore and illustrated by Michele-lee Phelan

This is a beautiful and endearing picture book about a baby turtle who decides to explore his environment on the day he hatches from his egg.  Templeton meets several different types of interesting animals and other wildlife around the pond.  Most importantly, he learns of his mother’s love and that neighbors take care each other.

The author set out to write this book to help instill a love of the outdoors in children.  My daughters are at an age where they love to be outside chasing bunnies and birds in the yard.  It’s not just the animals that interest them, either.  Emma would crouch down and explore colonies of ants all night long if we would allow it.  This book was especially appealing to them.  When we read it for the first time, it was fun to read the descriptions of the new characters Templeton meet and have them guess as to its identity.  We all had fun.  With my children, Ron Pridmore certainly achieved his goal.

As a parent, the best part of this book was the illustrations.  They are simply gorgeous.  My favorite was the picture of Templeton curled up in his shell on the very first page, but each page afterwards has something else to take in and explore.  I hope that Michele-lee Phelan has a long career illustrating children’s books.

I look forward to reading this story to my daughters again and again.

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